How to paint a realistic robot tank

How to create a robot tank for your next paintball event, or your next game night.This tutorial will teach you how to paint an electric paintball pistol that you can mount on a paintball field.We will also cover how to attach the electric gun to the paintball mat.If you’re looking to get a little moreRead More

When California’s Paintball War Continues

California’s paintball gun and paintball machine-gun ban goes into effect July 1.The state’s Board of Equalization has scheduled the state’s first gun and gun-related events this weekend, including the first event for the state to be held in the state since 2004.The board says it will hold a series of events on Friday, August 14.Here’sRead More

The best paintball games for Android devices

Exalt Paintball is an indoor paintball game that features a range of different paintball fields.Players can start their own paintball league or create their own.It supports Android, iOS, and Windows.Exalt uses the Unreal Engine 3 for all of its platforms, so you should be able to run the game on most of them.Exalted is currentlyRead More

How to avoid pepper spray injuries

The pepper spray canisters used to protect the paintballers who play paintball at a paintball event are often left in place when it is raining or people are playing indoors.The problem is that when rain stops, the paintballs can explode.The National Paintball Association says paintball safety equipment can protect paintball players from paintball-related injuries.In aRead More

How to buy and sell paintball gear on eBay and Amazon

Paintball has become the latest hobby to be profiled on the social networking site.The Associated Press has compiled a list of the best online markets for paintball supplies and accessories.A photo posted by peter daniel (@peterdaniel) on Aug 10, 2017 at 2:59pm PDTIn the past week, online sellers have sprung up for every aspect ofRead More

What to know about paintball in Massachusetts

Share This article on Facebook Share Tweet Email Link Massachusetts paintball mass was created in 2007 after the deaths of three men in a crash.It has been growing rapidly in the state for the past few years.The most popular players are people like Jason Miller and Chris Dieringer, both of whom play for a localRead More

How to play a game of paintball with an EZ-PACK!

A paintball game that’s all about shooting people in the face with paintball projectiles, called Eclipse, has a lot of potential for the mainstream.The game is designed to be played with a single person, and it’s being used to teach new players how to play paintball and to help veterans who have been playing forRead More

What is paintball and why are we using it?

The sport of paintball is growing at an astonishing rate in India, and now the country is also home to a burgeoning paintball scene.The sport has been around for years and now it has gained popularity across the world.Paintballers can compete against each other across a wide variety of different games such as tag, tagRead More

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