Which paintball parks offer the best paintball experience?

With so many choices in paintball paintball stadiums, it’s easy to forget which one best fits your play style and budget.But that’s what we’ve got you covered with our Paintball Paintball Stadium Guide.Here are the top paintball stadium sites around the country and the best options for those looking to experience the adrenaline-fueled adrenaline ofRead More

What to know about Ninja Paintball gear and gearbag

With a range of paintball equipment, a range for paintball guns, and a range in ninja paintball masks, there is definitely a ninja paintballs bag for every player.It’s also one of the cheapest paintball bags around, at just $50.While this paintball bag may be a bit too pricey for some, we can all agree thatRead More

How to use the best paintball gun in your arsenal

There are some paintball tournaments that will test your knowledge of how to play the game, and there are some that will leave you with an adrenaline rush. There are many ways to get started in paintball, and each of those is unique. For those who want to start playing as a beginner, the most common optionsRead More

How to paintball at home

The paintball world is a new thing for many people, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that you need to be prepared.We’ve been asked, “How do I paintball in my backyard?” and, “What is the best place to go for a paintball lesson?”These are all good questions.So, we’ve compiled the answers here, along withRead More

What is paintball?

RTE’s Pat McNeill talks about the sport and the sport’s future in this week’s show.What is paintballs?There is a sport known as paintball where players use a metal sphere to fire projectiles at targets on a field.The sport has gained popularity in recent years, with some countries including Britain and the United States also experimentingRead More

How to paint a realistic robot tank

How to create a robot tank for your next paintball event, or your next game night.This tutorial will teach you how to paint an electric paintball pistol that you can mount on a paintball field.We will also cover how to attach the electric gun to the paintball mat.If you’re looking to get a little moreRead More

When California’s Paintball War Continues

California’s paintball gun and paintball machine-gun ban goes into effect July 1.The state’s Board of Equalization has scheduled the state’s first gun and gun-related events this weekend, including the first event for the state to be held in the state since 2004.The board says it will hold a series of events on Friday, August 14.Here’sRead More

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