How to buy and sell paintball gear on eBay and Amazon

Paintball has become the latest hobby to be profiled on the social networking site.The Associated Press has compiled a list of the best online markets for paintball supplies and accessories.A photo posted by peter daniel (@peterdaniel) on Aug 10, 2017 at 2:59pm PDTIn the past week, online sellers have sprung up for every aspect ofRead More

What to know about paintball in Massachusetts

Share This article on Facebook Share Tweet Email Link Massachusetts paintball mass was created in 2007 after the deaths of three men in a crash.It has been growing rapidly in the state for the past few years.The most popular players are people like Jason Miller and Chris Dieringer, both of whom play for a localRead More

How to Make a Blast Paintball Co2 Refill

For some, paintball is a way to get back at their enemies.But for others, it’s a way of getting a new kick in their paintball, a website that sells paintball accessories, has been selling a new line of paintball refills.For the first time, the company has created a line of co2 refills specifically forRead More

When paintballers fight it out for paintball games

RIVER RAPIDS, Mich.— There is no denying that the sport of paintball is changing, and that there is more competition in the marketplace.It is an exciting and competitive environment, one where players from all over the country and around the world compete in a unique way.In the past, the paintball community could get a littleRead More


The Shocking, The Shock and The Shatter, the newest in the brand of paintball gear that combines precision paintball with a tactical feel.It’s an evolution of the Shocker, the popular tactical paintgun that the San Diego Chargers were known for.Now the Shocks are being rebranded as the Shocking Shock and Shatter.But the Shock is stillRead More

How to Get in Paintball on the Cheap

In an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace, it’s become a great way to get your hands on some cheap paintball guns.While many paintballers choose to buy a full-sized gun, many also take advantage of some smaller guns that can be customized to their liking.Below is a list of paintball accessories that are on sale andRead More

Which ANSgear paintballs are the best?

A great game is a great experience, and the ANS Gears Paintball Ball game does just that.The game lets you paint your own balls, then you can take them home and throw them into your friend’s paintball, where they can help you shoot and score in-game.The ANS Gear Paintball Balls also feature an optional paintballRead More

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