The best paintball games for Android devices

Exalt Paintball is an indoor paintball game that features a range of different paintball fields.Players can start their own paintball league or create their own.It supports Android, iOS, and Windows.Exalt uses the Unreal Engine 3 for all of its platforms, so you should be able to run the game on most of them.Exalted is currentlyRead More

How to avoid pepper spray injuries

The pepper spray canisters used to protect the paintballers who play paintball at a paintball event are often left in place when it is raining or people are playing indoors.The problem is that when rain stops, the paintballs can explode.The National Paintball Association says paintball safety equipment can protect paintball players from paintball-related injuries.In aRead More

How to paintball: How to use a spray gun to target paintballs

If you’re a novice paintball player, you’re probably wondering how to use your paintball gun effectively.We’ve all heard it said that a well-trained shooter can paintballs from a distance, but how much is realistic?We’re going to show you the best way to use the best paintball guns for this sport, so you can nail yourRead More

How to paintball in a car

It can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to the sport.But if you have experience, it’s not hard to find a new vehicle to play with.The best paintball guns can be found at auto parts stores and online, and you can find a paintball helmet to match as well.You can also look for a paintRead More

How to make your own Bob Long paintball gun

In order to make a Bob Long gun you will need the following: A Bob Long spray paint gun (a cheap, disposable paintball blaster) A paintball marker The paintball primer, which you will also need for your paintball paintball pen You will also want a paintball brush (like the Bob Long Brush) for your markerRead More

How to avoid the paintball explosion of a planet eclipse

By: David P. Greisman, USA Today Staff WriterA huge blast that left a crater in the Earth’s atmosphere has left the spotlight on the process of creating paintball targets.But experts say there is a way to avoid getting injured or killed in a paintball blast.As the sun sets over the moon, the sun and moonRead More

How paintball wounds affect your life

Paintball wounds are the most common medical issue when you are out playing paintball and paintball guns.These wounds can make you feel sick and can be difficult to treat.Some paintball injuries can lead to serious medical problems including brain damage, vision loss and permanent disability.This article answers some of the most commonly asked questions aboutRead More

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