How to make cheap paintballs in your backyard

Cheap paintballs have come a long way in the past 10 years.They’re no longer just for kids, they can be fun, affordable and even fun to make at home.Here’s how to get started.1.Buy a paintball gun.Most paintballs are sold by paintball manufacturers.You can get a paintgun from a hardware store or online.Most gun shops sellRead More

How to buy and use paintball gun barrels

Israel is in the middle of a massive paintball boom, with thousands of new paintball barrel brands, and it is no surprise that some of them have not been in stock for some time.The new paintballs are coming to Israel with the Israeli government, and are expected to have a huge impact on the paintballRead More

How to Get the Best Paintball Gear from

1.Buy a Paintball Equipment Bundle.Paintball equipment is important to paintball players because they can’t get equipment without the gear.If you’re new to the game, buy the most important gear first and then buy the rest.The most important items include: goggles, helmets, mask, masks, gloves, gloves for players, head gear, pads, pads and mitts, mitt pads,Read More

The ‘shocker paintballs’ that are making the rounds

Paintball players across the world are being inundated with the latest paintball toys in a huge push by companies to bring the popular toy into the 21st century.The most recent example is Shocker Paintball, a paintball line from German company Rheinmetall that was created in 2016.It has a long list of new products, including paintballRead More

How to Paintball with Combat Paintball

In the midst of a war, the enemy may have an easy path to victory.But when a team is fighting for a position of power, the battle isn’t about simply taking a position.It’s about winning the fight.In this article, I’m going to share some tips and tricks that will help you paintball in combat.When youRead More

The paintball world is filled with some serious paintballers

Paintball is back in the news after a new law was passed by Texas state lawmakers on Monday that banned the sale of paintball rifles and paintball pistols, a decision that comes just days after the first federal ban was placed on the sport.The legislation was originally proposed by Texas Rep. Brian Birdwell, R-Tyler, whoRead More

How do I make a free paintball party with family and friends?

How do you make a paintball celebration?The paintball community has been at a crossroads in recent years.With the rise of competitive paintball and the growing popularity of free online paintball leagues, there has been a resurgence of people wanting to join the hobby.The number of paintball players has exploded in the past few years, butRead More

How to paintball on the big Indian paintball lake

The Indian Paintball Association has released the latest version of its 2018-2019 Indian Paintballs Guide.In a video released to YouTube, the group outlined a lot of the things you need to know to paintballs safely on the Indian Paint Balls Lake.The Indian PaintBall Association (IPA) is the oldest and largest Indian paintballs manufacturer in theRead More

What to know about eclipse paintballs

Paintball enthusiasts can learn a lot about the world of paintball by getting their first look at what to expect during the upcoming solar eclipse on Sept. 21.The sun will be directly overhead during the eclipse, which will be visible from the U.S. and the western U.K. and from Mexico to Canada.The sun will alsoRead More

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