How to Make a Blast Paintball Co2 Refill

For some, paintball is a way to get back at their enemies.But for others, it’s a way of getting a new kick in their paintball, a website that sells paintball accessories, has been selling a new line of paintball refills.For the first time, the company has created a line of co2 refills specifically forRead More

How to paintball with paintball guns

I bought a paintball gun because I wanted to paint the world white, but it wasn’t my first choice.So, I got a paint ball gun to paint a little bit of the world.After a few weeks, I’m hooked.I’m pretty good with it, but my only real problem with it is that I can’t control theRead More

When Paintballers are Killed, Their Lives are Departed

In the aftermath of a major paintball shooting, there’s always some kind of lingering trauma.For those involved in paintballing, that trauma is often personal, or it could be a result of professional violence.In the case of one local paintballer, his life was changed forever.On July 1, 2016, an 18-year-old man, Chris Bader, was killed duringRead More

What you need to know about Badlands Paintball League (PBL)

By now you’ve heard of the new league in Badlands, Minnesota, and what you probably missed out on.It’s called the PBL and the league is set to launch in mid-August.The league, which will be called the Badlands PDL, will allow players to compete for the league title in four categories: Best Paintball, Best PPL, BestRead More

Why should you wear a mask?

Paintball headband for cheap?article By now you’ve probably heard of the ‘Costco paintball masks’.If you’re in India, you’ve also probably heard that they cost $200 and they’re made from recycled plastic.It’s probably because they’re a great deal cheaper than a cheap mask and they are a good alternative to masks made from plastic.But the truthRead More

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