The Shocking, The Shock and The Shatter, the newest in the brand of paintball gear that combines precision paintball with a tactical feel.It’s an evolution of the Shocker, the popular tactical paintgun that the San Diego Chargers were known for.Now the Shocks are being rebranded as the Shocking Shock and Shatter.But the Shock is stillRead More

How to paintball in a car

It can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to the sport.But if you have experience, it’s not hard to find a new vehicle to play with.The best paintball guns can be found at auto parts stores and online, and you can find a paintball helmet to match as well.You can also look for a paintRead More

How to make your own Bob Long paintball gun

In order to make a Bob Long gun you will need the following: A Bob Long spray paint gun (a cheap, disposable paintball blaster) A paintball marker The paintball primer, which you will also need for your paintball paintball pen You will also want a paintball brush (like the Bob Long Brush) for your markerRead More

How to Get in Paintball on the Cheap

In an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace, it’s become a great way to get your hands on some cheap paintball guns.While many paintballers choose to buy a full-sized gun, many also take advantage of some smaller guns that can be customized to their liking.Below is a list of paintball accessories that are on sale andRead More

Which ANSgear paintballs are the best?

A great game is a great experience, and the ANS Gears Paintball Ball game does just that.The game lets you paint your own balls, then you can take them home and throw them into your friend’s paintball, where they can help you shoot and score in-game.The ANS Gear Paintball Balls also feature an optional paintballRead More

The paintball world is filled with some serious paintballers

Paintball is back in the news after a new law was passed by Texas state lawmakers on Monday that banned the sale of paintball rifles and paintball pistols, a decision that comes just days after the first federal ban was placed on the sport.The legislation was originally proposed by Texas Rep. Brian Birdwell, R-Tyler, whoRead More

Get ready for a new wave of paintball players

The launch of the world’s first orbital paintball tournament is just weeks away and it’s bringing the once-a-year event to a new level.The inaugural event will be held on February 12 in Perth, Western Australia, with the event taking place on the state’s outer fringe of the country, in the heart of the state capitalRead More

How do I make a free paintball party with family and friends?

How do you make a paintball celebration?The paintball community has been at a crossroads in recent years.With the rise of competitive paintball and the growing popularity of free online paintball leagues, there has been a resurgence of people wanting to join the hobby.The number of paintball players has exploded in the past few years, butRead More

When the paintball guns go online: Paintball uta

When the guns go internet, the next question is how.The state-of-the-art paintball gun is the future of competition.It is an entirely new sport and technology, but it’s also going to change the way we think about the sporting event of the future.The world’s most popular sport is still largely confined to a few countries, andRead More

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