How to clean and maintain your paintball guns

A good paintball gun should be easy to clean, easy to maintain and a little bit of fun, according to a new article published by the American Eagle Paintball Association (AEPAA).In the article, which was published Tuesday, the AEPAA outlines the three basic steps that should be followed to ensure the safety and enjoyment ofRead More

What’s in paintball gear at a paintball store?

A paintball shop can be a source of excitement and excitement for many players.With so many different paintball guns to choose from, many players will choose one that is a bit different.This article will discuss what is in paintballs gear at the best paintball shops.

How to pick the right paintball pistol

As part of the Indian Paintball Championships in Chesapeake, Virginia, top paintball players from the state will take part in the paintball tournaments and shoot matches.A few weeks ago, I took a chance on the AK47 paintballs and decided to give it a try.I am really glad I did.They have a nice design, easy toRead More

When to play Total Combat and how to paint a logo

The official Total Combat website states that “you will only need to paint the logo to make your logo a complete character”.The website’s instructions include painting the logo with paint, sanding it down, and polishing it.The instructions also recommend using a marker and a paintbrush to achieve a “smooth and precise” finish.However, I had troubleRead More

El Paso Police officer fired after shooting suspect in the head

El Paso, Texas – Police are investigating an officer’s firing after the suspect in a shooting at a paintball range was shot in the back, according to the El Paso Times.The shooting occurred Sunday at the Fort Knox Paintball Range, located at the edge of town.Fort Knox police Chief Mike Pascual said officers responded toRead More

When you need a paintball gun to play paintball in Houston

When you’re a little kid, you dreamed of being a paintgun expert and now you can get one with a paintjob that goes beyond the standard ones you’ll find on a paintballs website.The Texas-based paintball company, 3Racers, is making the dream a reality with a new paintball rifle called the H-Racer.The H-Gun is a paintRead More

How to get paintball in Pittsburgh?

When a group of friends were having a picnic in the city’s city parks, they started looking around for paintball spots.Then one of them, Matthew, spotted a place that was popular with paintball players.When the group headed there to take a look, they found a huge paintball field with an arena.Now, the group has setRead More

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