Why Capital Edge Paintball is a $25,000,000 Dollar Game

The capital edge paintballs market is huge.

It’s one of the largest in the US, with players spending up to $50,000 on paintballs per year.

The game’s popularity, however, is growing as people look for a fun, cheap, and fun-to-play way to shoot at other players. 

The game, which features players shooting paintballs with two players on the same team, has been around since the early 90s, and has continued to grow.

Capital Edge’s new $25 million dollar paintball machine is set to be the first to truly take over the paintball market. 

Capital Edge was founded in 2014 by former NBA star David Stern.

It currently has over 100 players on its roster and will open its first state-of-the-art paintball arena this summer in Texas. 

It will feature a huge paintball field, an indoor practice area, and an outdoor arena, complete with indoor-outdoor basketball courts.

Players will also have access to a 24-hour emergency paintball locker room, a paintball practice field, and a training area. 

“We are extremely excited to open our first paintball facility in Texas, and are proud to be one of only 10 players in the world to have played paintball for over 10 years,” said Capital Edge founder and CEO Jeff Leventhal in a press release.

“We are working to bring the best paintball in the country to Texas, but the game of paintball is not only about the games, it’s about the people who play.

The Capital Edge team, our fans, and our community will all be part of this transformation.

We look forward to playing our first competitive games with the Capital Edge community and our players and families.” 

The company has been in business for almost a decade and has grown exponentially.

According to its website, it has over 30 employees, a fleet of four trucks, and $2.5 million in revenue. 

One of the biggest benefits of Capital Edge paintball players playing at home is that the game can be played anywhere. 

In addition to the indoor practice and indoor-outside arena, the facility will also include a training facility and a paint ball storage facility. 

According to Leventhe, the paint ball industry is booming.

“As a company we’re always looking to improve our technology, improve our facilities, and we think we have a great opportunity in the paintballs business,” he said.

“This is a great business opportunity for us and the Capital edge players to take advantage of that and do a great job of making our game even better.” 

“As a player, you’re always trying to be on top of the game,” he continued.

“You’re always working on your fundamentals, your game plan, and that’s what we want the players to do.” 

While the paint balls are pretty expensive, they can be fun to play and get some great pictures, especially with players wearing goggles to block out the sun. 

Despite the price, the new paintball facilities are also expected to be relatively affordable, and Leventh added that the players will have access for free to a paint balls locker room. 

With paintball booming in the states, Leventha said Capital will continue to expand its business and grow its player base. 

For more information on paintball and other sports, be sure to check out the website of The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, or ABC News.

Sources: TechCrunch, Business Insider, Capital Edge, New York Daily News, Wall Street Journal

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