Extreme Paintball: Modesto’s First Painted Paintball Arena in 3 Years

Modesto, California—A few days after a three-year-old girl died at her home in Modesto in January, her father, Randy, opened a paintball arena for children with the goal of making a difference.

A group of five kids came together in the hopes of making an impact.

“I was really excited because it’s my son and my daughter, and I’ve got to be a role model for them,” Randy said.

“It’s about putting the kids in the position of being responsible adults and doing what’s right, rather than just having a bunch of toys.”

The goal of the paintball facility is simple: “Play with other kids, do whatever they do, no pressure,” said Randy.

The facility at 7800 E. Broadway was named after Randy’s granddaughter, Marjorie.

The name is part of a theme of the new facility, which also features a basketball court and outdoor seating.

The kids who came together were encouraged to be responsible and play with each other.

“We wanted to put the kids into a position of taking charge and making sure they have a positive experience,” Randy explained.

“If there’s a problem, they have the power to get it fixed.”

The facility was also designed to give a sense of community, which was the primary goal.

“It’s just about the kids,” Randy added.

“There’s no pressure to go to the same place every day.”

There are no rules and rules are there to be broken, which is a positive for the kids.

“You have to have the right idea of what’s going on, you have to be willing to try something,” said Marjory.

“The only way to be safe is to have fun and not get in trouble.

It’s all about fun.”

The new paintball venue also provides an opportunity for the community to learn and share their paintball skills.

The community has created a video series called “The Great Paintball Show,” which features clips of kids making paintballs in different colors, as well as video interviews with players and owners.

“This has been such a positive, positive experience for us,” Randy says.

“The kids have learned a lot, and it’s great for us to share our passion and the skills that we have.”

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