FourFourThree: FourFour Two is here!

FourFour two is a weekly series where I’ll be looking at some of the most popular new shooters on the market.

It’s the third installment in the FourFour series, where I looked at the new guns from the first four weeks of 2018.

Today, I’m excited to introduce the newest addition to the series, the Paintball Barrels!

These are new, high-quality barrel designs from Painted Arms, and I’m very impressed.

They’re very well made and they work well in most games.

I was even able to play them for some time before I had to break them in.

I wanted to take a closer look at the design and the paintball barrel in general, so I contacted to see what their barrel specs were and I received my first review sample.

The barrel was made of aluminum alloy and it is very well built.

The length and width are extremely long, and the tip is large and smooth.

The barrel is also the only one of its kind on the entire Paintedarms website.

The overall weight is around 11 ounces.

I measured the barrel at 4.4 inches in diameter and a 1.7 inch diameter.

I’ve also got some videos from the test and have posted them below for you to check out.

I really like how they feel in my hand.

I’m a big fan of the Painted Arms Barrels and have been looking forward to using them in some games for a long time.

The Paintball barrel is a very effective weapon and the design of the paintballs themselves are very intuitive and easy to use.

The first video shows the barrel in action, and it’s quite impressive to see.

I can’t wait to try out the new barrels and see how they perform!

I’ve seen plenty of video of the new barrel on YouTube, and they are a lot of fun to watch.

It shows off the overall design and feels very solid.

I’ve seen many video demos of Painted barrels, but none have been quite like this.

It looks very sleek and very professional.

I have a few more videos of the barrel on my channel so keep checking back for more!

I’ll let you know what I think.

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