More paintball instructors join the class for a day-long training

A group of new instructors at Paintball Camp New York say they are excited to get to teach paintball.

The instructors, all members of Paintball NYC, joined the classes Wednesday.

The group of about 30 instructors is one of the first in New York to join Paintball NY, a paintball training program in which instructors will teach the sport and get a free course and gun for one week.

New York has the nation’s highest rate of gun deaths with a nearly 20-fold increase since the program began in 2013, the group said.

The Paintball Training Program offers the first-ever class in the city that has no registration fees, no dues and no dues are charged to participants.

It also offers free registration, free instruction and a gun for a week, and it offers a limited number of training sessions for participants, organizers said.

In addition, participants receive one month of training in safety, and there is a stipend for those who pass a paintballs course.

The first-of-its-kind training event, Paintball New York, was first held in Brooklyn in 2014.

The program was designed to make training easier for new paintball players. 

The instructors are also joining the group to help train the next generation of instructors. 

It was designed by a group of local instructors and community members who wanted to share their knowledge and skills to help create a better future for paintball, said Alex Pfeffer, a New York City-based paintball instructor and PaintballNY founder. 

“We are just getting started and we are looking forward to making this a great program,” Pfefer said.

“We want to help make it a safe, fun, and educational experience for all of our participants,” said John Vidal, a PaintballNJ instructor.

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