The ‘shocker paintballs’ that are making the rounds

Paintball players across the world are being inundated with the latest paintball toys in a huge push by companies to bring the popular toy into the 21st century.

The most recent example is Shocker Paintball, a paintball line from German company Rheinmetall that was created in 2016.

It has a long list of new products, including paintball guns, paintball grenades, and paintball launchers.

Shocker, which was founded in Germany, has been on the market for about six years now and is still getting used.

“We are currently getting orders from around the world,” Shocker’s founder, Sebastian Gebremarbeit, told TechRadars.

“We’re currently looking at several countries, as well as the United States, Canada and Australia.”

There are already hundreds of products and they all come in different styles and are all completely different.

It’s very exciting.

“For instance, we have two different colours, a black one for the men and a grey one for women, but the men will be equipped with a pistol and a shotgun, while the women will have a paint gun and paint grenades.”

One of Shocker paintguns is a paintgun that can be used in an airsoft or paintball style game.

“The shocker is the first product in a series of products we have coming in,” he said.

“It is a new product, but it is one that is very popular and the people are loving it.”

Shocker Paintballs are a very popular product for us and we want to make it as good as possible for the player, especially the women, who love the shocker, and the children who can play with it.

“The shockers are meant to be used by anyone, but Gebdemarbeit said the guns are especially popular among men.”

Women love it and they like to throw the shockers at each other,” he told Techradars.”

They use them in their personal games, in their competitions.

“When we came up with the idea for Shocker we thought about using paint guns in a more aggressive manner and that is why we made it a paint pistol.”

So we can use them against our opponents, which is a good thing because they are often the ones who are trying to injure us.

“While Shocker has been getting a huge amount of attention from the paintball world, its paintball weapons are still relatively unknown.”

Our products are not on the shelf, but we are working on getting the word out and will have some new products coming out soon,” Geb demarbeit told Tech Radars.

Gebdemart said that in addition to shocker paints, there are also paintball grenade launchers and paintgun paintballs.”

It is still early days but we have seen that some players are enjoying them and are interested in using them in games,” he added.

The shock guns have been available for a couple of years now, but Rheinaf Gebermann, an IT and communications professional, is excited about their arrival.”

I’m excited because we’re not seeing them in the paintballs,” she told Tech Radar.”

But there is nothing bad about paintballs, it’s just the players are not using them that much anymore.

“In the UK, it is the most popular brand of paintball gun with about 100,000 units of paintballs sold, but in the US, the most famous brand is called Paintball Blast.

It is marketed as a paint blaster that can shoot paintballs from a distance of more than 100 yards.”

Its the only product that is able to shoot paint balls that can go down to under 20 feet,” Gevmarb told Tech Radio.”

With the shock guns, the ball can fly for quite a distance, but also it can go faster, so it is quite a different type of game.

“Gebermannn said that the shock gun can be effective if it is used properly.”

You can see the effect with the paintgun on the other side of the target,” she said.”

If you shoot a shocker at a large target, it can still be very effective because the shock is the same speed as the ball.

“In the end, the shock can help you in your paintball game because it’s very powerful and if you hit it too hard, you will not have any control.”

Germans paintball player Andreas Zalcman, a 25-year-old from the southern city of Graz, is looking forward to using his shock guns.

“Painter and gunsmith are the same thing,” he tells TechRadaria.

“They are both important to me.”

These are my favourite products because they give me the confidence to work hard, to make good shots and to be prepared for any situation.

“The latest Shocker is an electric paintgun.”

This one is really good,” he says. “The shock

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