How to play paintball with a little help from your friends

If you’re a gamer, you probably remember how you could shoot paintballs off of walls and onto your teammates to see if they’d survive.

But what if you didn’t need a laser pointer to do it?

What if you just wanted to play in a game that wasn’t all about shooting paintballs?

That’s exactly what the first-person shooter Portal 2 is trying to solve with a new feature called Portal Blast.

It’s the first of several games from Valve’s upcoming studio, Valve Game Studios, to be able to use portals to blast paintballs into players, a feature that Valve has been working on for the last few years.

As you might imagine, the new feature isn’t for everyone.

For some players, it could be a little too much, especially if you’re just playing one-on-one.

That’s where the first portal in Portal Blast comes in.

Using portals allows players to blast a single portal in a row.

When a player hits the portal, a countdown timer starts and they can blast the portal with an arrow.

Once the timer hits zero, the portal is gone and all players can enter the next portal.

If that’s not enough for you, you can also set your own portals.

It’s not the only way to play.

You can use the portal in multiplayer, as well, which is why we’ve included a guide on how to set up a portal-free game with the new Portal Blast feature.

For the uninitiated, Portal Blast is a first-of-its-kind portal-based game, according to Valve.

It allows players the ability to blast multiple portals in a round, as opposed to one, which would be more like a standard arena shooter.

This allows players more time to plan and strategize on what they should do when they want to blast an enemy portal, and to prevent the timer from resetting if they don’t make it to their final portal.

The first thing you’ll want to do is load up the game.

You’ll then be able access the portal-specific menu.

The first option is the portal selection menu.

There are four tabs that you’ll need to click on, all of which can be accessed by pressing A. Here’s what each tab looks like:The first tab is the one that you need to go to if you want to create a portal, which you’ll see on the left-hand side of the screen.

If you don’t see it, that means that you’ve got an empty portal slot.

The next tab is where you’ll find the portal generator.

The generator will spawn a portal in front of you and the timer will start counting down, but it won’t trigger until you have a portal slot to blast.

Once you’ve used up all of your portal slots, you’ll be able blast a portal.

The third tab is called the portal lock button.

You should use this to make sure that your portal isn’t accidentally destroyed by your opponents, which can happen if you don:// you click on the lock button, the timer starts counting down until you can blast a new portal.

You may notice that the timer is getting longer as you go, but that’s because the timer isn’t getting resetting automatically every time you hit a portal once you hit zero.

You have to manually reset the timer every time the timer reaches zero.

In other words, you have to be quick with the button press to avoid losing the portal.

After you click the lock, the Portal Blast interface opens up, where you can now add portals to your arsenal.

Each portal has a number of slots that it can hold, which lets you set the portal’s speed and direction, and it will then trigger an explosion whenever you hit it.

It can also be upgraded to a portal that shoots paintballs out of its portals and is a faster portal.

Each portal also has a different blast radius.

When you press the button, a portal will start shooting paintball at its target.

It will do this by shooting out a portal from the bottom, which will then explode when it hits the top.

The downside to this is that the blast radius isn’t infinite, which means that your paintball will end up shooting farther away than you would like.

You will have to keep your portals close to each other to keep them from colliding.

The other downside is that you can’t make your portals disappear from the game, which could lead to your team getting killed if your portals are destroyed.

Finally, the final tab is your portal kill button.

If your portal is destroyed, you will lose your portal slot, but you will gain a portal generator that will spawn an additional portal in your vicinity.

You are also able to make your portal shoot paintball out of a portal you have already hit, so you can still blast enemies from your portals.

As you can see, you

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