Australia’s best paintball guns, including some not available in NSW

Updated March 08, 2019 08:04:27 The paintballers who have built their own paintball sets and won competitions in their own home states, including Queensland and New South Wales, say their guns are still “not quite the same” from when they first started.

Read moreThe first-ever Queensland tournament in January was hosted by Nick Dutton, who has since gone on to win a $100,000 prize.

Aussie gun manufacturer, RHS Custom Paintball, was founded by John, who is based in the Sunshine Coast, and his brother Tom.

John Dutton says that when they started making paintball gear in the 1980s, they were looking for a way to make money off the hobby and the idea of owning a paintball rifle had never been a big part of their life.

“We had never played paintball and had no experience of the game.

It was all just a matter of putting together a set and playing,” John said.

He was a former captain of the Western Sydney Wanderers and had previously been a full-time apprentice with a paint ball company.

Tom Dutton said that, when he was young, he had a few paintball friends, but nothing really serious.

But he quickly realised that his friend had a passion for the sport and, after his brother was introduced to paintball through an advertisement in a newspaper, John became his primary source of information about the sport.

When Tom started building the first paintball set in the early 1980s at the end of his apprenticeship, John said that he was “very impressed” by the quality of the product.

His first production model was a paint roller that he designed himself.

However, he was only able to sell about 10 of the sets and when his brother started to buy them, he saw a potential in the product and began selling the remaining sets to other hobbyists.

It was around this time that Tom discovered paintball.

Since then, John has built several sets in his garage and has a collection of hundreds of sets.

The family have been building paintball kits and have even built a paint gun in their garage, which has now been modified to work with a spray gun.

This is not a model of a paint guns, but a paint-ball gun.

John says that he started to get a little more serious about the hobby after his first professional victory at a paint contest in 1981.

In 1982, John won a $200,000 Australian Paintball Championship and went on to become the first man to win an Australian paintball championship in the United States.

Although John Dutton has since moved on from painting, he still keeps the same paintball collection he had when he started the business.

Despite the limited supply of paintball equipment, the Dutton family have managed to find new customers for their paintball kit.

Australian paintball tournament organizer Matt Hallett says that the Dutons’ hobby has continued to grow over the years and that they have had some success in the past.

Hallett has seen the rise of other manufacturers in the hobby who are now offering kits to players.

Matt said that the family is proud of the fact that they are able to supply a range of sets to players who have never even seen paintball before.

They also recognise the role that hobbyist-built sets can play in the community.

‘The first Australian paintgun’ The Dutners say that the biggest challenge they face in growing their business is getting the kits to the players who need them the most.

If a player doesn’t have access to a paintgun, they are forced to rely on the skills of a friend or family member who is familiar with the game, or perhaps a paintbrush.

While the Dutiys are currently focused on providing the most affordable paintball products, Matt says that they will soon be adding a paint paint gun to their inventory.

We are currently building a range that includes the highest quality, most affordable kits available, so you will see more kits in the future.

Once they have the equipment in place, Matt said that they would be launching a limited run of paint guns and paintball accessories as part of the launch of their new online store.

Australia’s best Paintball guns: The Australian Paintgun Association says that there are currently over 800 manufacturers of paintballs in Australia and more than 20,000 licensed paintball clubs.

More: Paintball enthusiasts in Australia can register for paintball courses and courses will be offered through licensed paintballs clubs.

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