How to play paintball in America: Here are some tips to make your first day fun and memorable!

Today marks the launch of the Paintball Nation Facebook group, where Paintball players can share tips, videos, and advice.

Here are five of our favorite Paintball community members from the PaintBall Nation Facebook page:Trey “Terrifying” McQueen has been a member of the group since July 2018, when he first joined as a player.

He started out in Paintball USA, the premier league for Paintballers in America.

Now, he’s the owner of a company that specializes in paintball training and equipment.

Trey says the Facebook group has been really helpful in growing the Paint Ball Nation community.

“I’ve found that I’m actually able to do a lot of stuff with other people, but I don’t always have the time to do it.

I’m just kind of a social butterfly.”

In fact, Trey says he can often find time to play Paintball with his wife and two daughters, as well as friends.

He says he wants to grow the Paint Party community in America, so that more people can join in on the fun.

Trevor “Crazy” Schaeffer has been in the PaintBowl game since August 2017.

Trevor is a paintball instructor who trains and teaches Paintball at several locations throughout New Jersey.

He’s also the owner and trainer of the famous Paintball Paradise gym.

Travis “The Boss” McQuinn has been the owner/operator of the “Painting” Paintball School since October 2017.

Travis has been teaching Paintball in the US for over five years.

Now he’s taking on a new challenge in 2018, as the owner, coach, and trainer for the “Big Paintball Show” in Philadelphia.

Travis says he is really excited to have such a large and diverse group of Paintballters in his home state of New Jersey!

“The Paint Ball Show” will feature a number of different events throughout the year, and Travis is hoping to make the event the biggest and best event of it all!

The PaintBallNation Facebook page is growing every day, so check back soon for updates on events and new players.

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