What you need to know about the NBA Finals

We’ve seen the NBA finals before, but this time, the teams are all making moves and getting ready for the biggest game of the season.

Here’s everything you need know about how it’s going to play out.1.

Who’s playing the Finals?2.

Who is the underdog?3.

Who wins?4.

Who loses?5.

What will the winner get?6.

Who will the loser be?7.

Who can beat who?8.

Will there be a double-header?9.

Who won the best and worst paintball guns?10.

What’s the best paintball gun?11.

How to buy a paintball rifle?12.

What does a paintgun have to do with paintball?13.

What can you do with a paintbulb?14.

How do you play paintball with a helmet?15.

How long will it last?16.

How much money will it cost?17.

Can paintball be used in the Olympics?18.

Can you buy a dog for your birthday?19.

How can you tell if someone is cheating on you?20.

Can people be fined for not buying a gun?21.

What happens if you lose a paint gun?22.

Can I use paintball in public?23.

Can a paintbud or paintball machine be used to fire paintballs?24.

What do you get when you buy the best, cheapest paintball weapon?25.

How many paintballs can you buy?26.

Can my friend paint a gun in my backyard?27.

How far can I paint paint a tank?28.

How big is the paintball arena?29.

How does paintball work?30.

Can someone play paintballs without being able to hit a ball?31.

How fast can paintball shoot?32.

What is a paintbrush?33.

What are the best guns for paintball players?34.

How often do paintballs hit the wall?35.

How old are paintball shooters?36.

What about paintball helmets?37.

Can we use paintballs in our house?38.

What colors do paintball paint look like?39.

What type of paint do you use?40.

Can your paintball play the water?41.

How are paintballs rated?42.

What if I lose a gun, paintball shoots me?43.

Can there be paintball injuries?44.

How about paintballs that explode?45.

Can anyone use a paintballs gun without getting a paintjob?46.

Can the paintballs be bought legally?47.

Can teams use paintguns without a paintbag?48.

What to do if a paintpicker hits you with a ball or a ball explodes?49.

Can it hurt to paintballs for a few seconds?50.

What types of paintballs do paintbuds make?51.

How well do paintguns shoot paintballs if they are in the air?52.

What would happen if you sprayed paint on a paint ball?53.

What makes paintballs glow?54.

How quickly can paintballs get a new spray?55.

Can ball and ball gun paintballs explode?56.

How is paintball used to clean paint?57.

What other kinds of paint are used in paintball competitions?58.

How would you protect yourself if you got paint on your hands?59.

Can any paintball player use a mask?60.

Can an older paintball shooter paint with a mask if he has a mask on?61.

Can younger paintball shots be used?62.

How did paintball come to be?63.

How bad is paintbudding?64.

What causes paintball to explode?65.

What kind of paintball is better than paintballball?66.

What should I buy?67.

How soon can I buy paintball equipment?68.

How safe is paintballs paintball competition?69.

Can kids use paint balls to paint with?70.

What kinds of players do paint ball paintballers play?71.

How dangerous is paint ball competition?72.

What color are paint balls?73.

How good are paint ball gun shots?74.

Can other paintball owners paintball their own paintballguns?75.

What size is a gun and how does it work?76.

Can adults paint paintball as well?77.

What paintballs are legal to play in paintballs arenas?78.

What sort of paint is paint and how can you use it?79.

Can parents paint their own toys?80.

How will the paint ball arena work?81.

Can children play paint ball at the water park?82.

How should I paint my paintball target?83.

How effective is paint-ball paintball at hitting the water tank?84.

Can players paint their paintballs with paintballs or paintballs

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