Which Paintball Cities Are You Looking Forward to Opening the Next Season?

The New England area is booming.

With the rise of new paintball events in the state, it’s no surprise to see paintball’s presence grow there.

Capital Edge Paintball opened its doors to the public on September 20, and the company is already working with local businesses to get people ready for the next season.

“The New England Paintball scene is in great shape,” said Capital Edge’s Matt Luehrle.

“We’re working with various businesses across the state to help get them ready for next season.”

The company, which has a facility in the town of Plymouth, has partnered with local paintball leagues, and is hoping to eventually have an event in every Massachusetts town.

“I think that the last few years, the New England scene has really grown,” Luehar said.

“You have people like Capital Edge coming in, and now we have some new players coming in from all over the state.”

The next season will start at 7:00pm EST on Saturday, October 5, and run through November 4.

Paintball games will continue to be played during the season, and there are a variety of other tournaments to keep people occupied.

Capital Eye, a local paint-ball league, will be holding an event at 7pm EST to showcase the state’s newest players.

CapitalEdge hopes to have paintball tournaments in every state, and hope to expand their reach in the coming months.

“We’re hoping to get into every state and to have events that we couldn’t have planned for, like the National Paintball Championship,” Loehrle said.

The National Paintballs Championship will be held at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia, in March 2019.

Loehl says the event will have the best paintball teams in the country, and will be a perfect fit for CapitalEdge.

“It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase what Massachusetts has to offer to the world,” Luedhrle added.

“CapitalEdge will have an amazing paintball scene.

I can’t wait to see the faces of these players in person, and to play with them,” said Adam Smith, a Capital Edge player.

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