When the first paintball guns hit the market, paintball players had to make their own paintball weapon to use them. Now it’s cheaper than ever, and paintball is in serious demand from the military.

Cronus Paintball Gun, the company that’s revolutionizing paintball, has just announced that it’s now the cheapest paintball model in the world.

The new gun has a base price of just $299, and comes with a six-pack of paintball ammo and a three-day supply of paintballs.

That’s a big drop from the current price of around $1,100.

That means you can get your first paintballs for $299.

The company is also rolling out a new paintball game called the Combat Paintball League (CPPL) to help players train.

In the future, this will also be a game you can play online, where you can also compete against friends.

The CPPL is a full-fledged paintball league, and you can sign up to play on Facebook.

You can also watch a video of the new paintballs at the link below. 

The CPPL will be launching in 2018, but it’s still too early to say how long it’ll last. 

However, you can bet it’ll be a huge hit.

“We are very excited to announce that Cronustepark is now the most affordable paintball player-owned store in the UK,” said founder of Cronostark and co-founder, Simon Bowers, in a press release.

“Cronus will be opening the first permanent CPPL shop in Britain in October.” 

(Photo credit: Cronium) The paintball market is booming, with paintball games like the CPPL and the World of Tanks selling over a billion copies in just three years.

This has led to a huge growth in the number of paintgun owners.

In 2016, there were over 12 million people playing paintball in the US alone, with an estimated 9.4 million active players.

In 2018, there are nearly 2 million active paintballers in the United States, according to Pew Research Center. 

“We see this as a major opportunity for us to continue to increase the popularity of the game and increase its value to players,” said Cronumaster, who also goes by Simon Bower.

“Our aim is to bring the best of the paintball world to as many people as possible.” 

This article was originally published on Business Insider UK.

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