Why paintball equipment should never be used in a home

If you have a paintball kit that you can’t afford to replace, now is the time to take it down to a local paintball store.

It’s easy to forget that you’re using a dangerous tool when it comes to home defense.

And in a few cases, that means it could end up harming your family.

This is why you should never put paintball gear in a vehicle or anywhere near your home, a new report from Consumer Reports says. 

Read moreConsumer Reports analyzed the paintball industry and found that more than 20 percent of the kits used in the U.S. were sold without proper safety equipment. 

“This is not a new phenomenon.

People are just beginning to learn about how unsafe paintball can be, and the number of injuries has risen dramatically in the last few years,” said Brian L. Cogan, consumer safety analyst at Consumer Reports. 

In some cases, it could be the first time someone has suffered a permanent injury from using a paintgun. 

There are a number of things you can do to make sure you never use a paint gun in your home. 

You should NEVER use a painted gun in a place that could get a fire, such as a kitchen, living room, bathroom or carport. 

If you use a used paintball gun, you should not use it in a family room, carport or a hallway. 

Paintballs that have been painted to match the wall are not safe to use in those situations.

You should NEVER throw paintballs into a bathroom or kitchen sink. 

And if you use any kind of paintball paint, it should never have been sprayed onto the walls, ceiling or other surfaces.

“You should never use any type of paint that is on the walls or ceilings, because those materials can get into your home and cause serious problems if they come into contact with the body of a person,” Cogan said. 

The consumer group also recommends that people never leave a paintbrush, paintball marker, paintgun or any other type of tool in a car or on their person, because that could put you at risk for injury. 

For more information on safe use of paint guns and other outdoor products, read Consumer Reports’ report.

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