How to paintball, a little bit more…

On the heels of the launch of its first paintball gun, the World War II-era M-1A1 (the predecessor to the current M-17) in 2012, the company has announced a new line of paintball guns, the M-20, aimed at the shooter with a modern twist.

As the name implies, the guns will feature an M1918 Browning machine gun, but the company claims they will also be armed with a laser and a 3D printed replica of the original.

The new guns, which will be available starting in January, come with a range of upgrades and will include a folding stock, two magazines, and more.

They’ll be available in three models: the M20 (pictured above), a six-shot machine gun with a folding rail, and a M20A1, a two-shot M1919 Browning M1896 with a collapsible stock and a laser sight.

“The M-series is the only one that will be designed for the individual user, meaning the user will get a great range of options and capabilities,” said the company’s marketing manager, David Toth.

M-20M-1The M20M1 comes in three variants: the standard M20 with a folded stock, the standard and folding M20, and the standard with a scope and laser sight, with a $1,999 price tag.

The standard M-model comes with a .22-caliber suppressor, a silencer, and an adjustable bipod.

The folding M-1918 is a six shot gun with folding rail and a built-in laser sight that can be adjusted for windage and elevation.

At $1.9 million, the $1 million price tag doesn’t seem that much to the average shooter.

However, for someone like me who spends all of my time trying to find the perfect paintball shot, it’s not a huge shocker.

If the M21A1 is your first paintgun purchase, you can expect to pay around $800.

I would buy one for the sights alone, but for $1K the scope is a bit of a bargain, especially if you plan on using it for competitive shooting.

It’s hard to find paintball sights that are a little more than a few dollars cheaper than a M1914 sight, but you can still get decent ones on eBay, or at least you can get cheap ones that are on sale for about $20 to $40.

For a full list of paintballs, check out the company website.

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