Why you should never, ever be afraid to ask for help

If you’re a pro paintball player, chances are you’ve had some of the same challenges in life as the average person.

You’re young and you want to be a pro, and you have a lot of work to do.

But if you ask for it, there are plenty of pros that will listen.

Here are five pros who can help you make it work: Ben “Sugar” Harris: This Texas-based pro paintballs has a background in martial arts, but he’s also an avid gamer and a big fan of the popular FPS Call of Duty.

If you want a challenge, go for Sugar.

His “crappy” paintball machine has been around for nearly a decade, and he’s the head honcho of his paintball crew.

“He’s really into this stuff,” Harris says.

“If you want someone to talk to, talk to Sugar.”

Darrell “Lucky” Davis: The longtime pro paint ball player has been an active gamer for almost 20 years.

He’s the director of the Austin-based Pro Paintball Association, and the man behind the paintball club of his dreams, the Lubbock-based “Paintball Texas.”

When he’s not working on the paintballs, Davis is a professional chef and a passionate supporter of the community.

If he’s in town for a paintball tournament, Davis’ll likely be at a bar or at the local craft brewery to grab a beer.

Karen “Kelsey” Kallon: When it comes to paintball games, Kelsey has the most experience and the most knowledge of them.

She’s been a pro since 2005, and since then, she’s been involved in every aspect of the paint ball scene.

Kallons “professional” paintballs are called “Tiger” and “Hawk” and are powered by an engine that can churn out about 1,400 gallons of paint per minute.

Kalls biggest challenge is making sure her crew members have the proper gear, and she knows how to help them.

“You want to know the rules,” Kallos says.

Dan “Namaste” Brown: Brown has been in paintball for more than a decade and is currently a member of the Houston-based paintball team, The Paintball Heroes.

The group has played at several major events and recently took home the Pro Paint Ball Association (PBA) trophy for best paintball league.

Brown, who is married with two young kids, has the “best job in the business” and is also a member, along with a few others, of the Professional Paintball Players Association (PPPA).

Brown says he was always motivated to get into paintball when he found out that there were so many professional paintballers out there.

“I was like, ‘I have to do something,'” Brown says.

Brown is a huge fan of paintball and has been playing since he was 6.

He was the one who convinced his parents to let him try paintball.

Brown has a reputation for being a very laid-back personality and has a knack for finding the right moment to ask a player for help.

Jill “Amber” Fritsch: Fritsche is a longtime paintball fan and has played for years.

She has been involved with the PPA since 2005 and is the head coach of the new team, the New Orleans-based, “AmeriKKKa Paintball Alliance.”

She has coached other professional paint ball teams and has also worked with various events like the annual Texas Tech paintball event and the Big South Regionals.

Fritches biggest challenge has been getting her players to practice together.

“It’s hard to get them to practice if you’re not working together,” Frits says.

The team is made up of about 30 players, and each player gets paid $300 a week to work on the team.

“The players come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences and you need to find ways to keep them together,” she says.

If that’s not enough, Fritch says that she works on a team with other pro paint guners and also with some local residents to help keep the atmosphere light and fun.

Lyle “Mitch” Miller: Miller, who also works for the PBA, is a former professional paint gun and has worked with the team for 10 years.

The former paint gun has a passion for the game, which is why he’s a part of the “Mixed Bag” group.

“My goal is to make this team the best that it can be,” Miller says.

He says he’s always been interested in getting involved in paintballs since he started playing in the seventh grade.

Mark “Mark” Johnson: Johnson is a long-time pro paintgun, as well as a member and coach of various paintball events around the country.

Johnson has been

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