When it comes to paintball, it’s about discipline, not money

On Friday, the state legislature was considering a bill that would allow people to buy paintball guns and ammunition in retail stores.

The measure, AB 1234, is aimed at easing some of the pain of a lack of legal recreational shooting, and would allow retailers to stock a small supply of ammunition in their stores.

But its biggest benefit would be that it would make it easier for recreational shooters to make their own gun parts.

That’s because the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives would have to approve a manufacturer’s approval to sell paintball parts in the state, which would create a loophole that would make them harder to obtain.

This would not be an issue for the states that allow recreational shooting.

For example, California already allows recreational shooting in designated areas of the state but only for recreational use and not for commercial use.

Other states are considering similar legislation, such as Oregon, which already allows shooting in restricted areas, but has not yet adopted legislation allowing paintball shooting.

California would not have to do that, since it has already banned recreational shooting and restricted the number of people who can use recreational shooting grounds.

But California’s law does not address the legality of sales of paintball weapons, such an ammunition or paintballs.

That has created confusion for some who want to buy the guns or ammunition they want.

The problem is that the rules surrounding paintball do not clearly state whether or not people who are not authorized shooters can legally purchase the weapons and ammunition they need to go to the range.

The California Department of Justice estimates that more than 3,000 people have purchased paintball-related guns and paintballs in California, including recreational shooters, since the bill was introduced in the 2017 legislative session.

The bill’s supporters argue that it is in the best interest of recreational shooting to keep guns out of the hands of recreational shooters.

They also say it will create a new legal avenue for gun owners to legally own guns.

That may be true.

For one, recreational shooting has not been illegal in California since 1993, according to the California Attorney General’s office.

But it has been difficult to regulate the practice.

Recreational shooting ranges have existed for decades, but there has been a lack to regulate them.

In recent years, California has passed more than 60 different regulations to restrict the use of recreational paintball ranges.

Some of the regulations are aimed at preventing gun violence, such in areas like paintball safety, and others are intended to control the flow of paintballs to the ranges.

For instance, paintball paint safety regulations were introduced in 2003 and remain in effect.

The last major regulation came in 2009, but that law requires licensed manufacturers to have a permit to sell a limited number of guns and accessories to the public, and only if the company meets certain criteria.

Some paintball manufacturers that do not meet those requirements have filed lawsuits, arguing that they are not required to sell their products to the general public.

In 2014, a federal judge ruled that the federal government does not have authority to regulate paintball range sales, saying that the states have the right to set their own regulations.

The federal government did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Recreationally shooting is not illegal in many states, but many recreational shooters in California do not own a permit.

Some are using a permit for a hobby that they do not hold a license for.

Others are using it for an activity that requires a license, such a shooting contest.

And some people who want paintball but do not have a license to do so are using paintball as a form of recreation.

For some, the legality is an issue because the legality has been debated and debated again in court, even in states that do have recreational shooting restrictions.

That legal debate is currently before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which is expected to hear oral arguments in June.

The case involves the lawsuit filed by the California Rifle and Pistol Association, the California State Rifle Association and the California Recreational Shooting Association, challenging the constitutionality of California’s paintball restrictions.

The paintball regulations in question are designed to limit paintball shooters who use the range to two shooters per hour, as well as the number and types of paint balls allowed to be fired per hour.

The regulations are designed in such a way that they allow a range to remain open for up to eight hours after it is closed, and allow only a limited amount of paint to be loaded into the firing line during that time.

Recreations are allowed to sell the paintball accessories and guns to the shooting public, but not the guns themselves.

The owners of recreational guns in California also have a right to buy a limited quantity of paint from their local dealer for a nominal fee.

The regulation that restricts the number that can be sold per hour applies only to recreational shooters and does not apply to recreational or other non-professional shooters.

The state of California also does not require manufacturers of paint gun parts to have their products approved by the Bureau of Firearms and ammunition

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