How to paintball with paintball guns

I bought a paintball gun because I wanted to paint the world white, but it wasn’t my first choice.So, I got a paint ball gun to paint a little bit of the world.After a few weeks, I’m hooked.I’m pretty good with it, but my only real problem with it is that I can’t control theRead More

How the paintball game got its name: Paintball leagues are getting more popular, with a growing number of players coming from around the world and new paintball events popping up in cities around the country

The first time I saw the name “paintballs” and the first time the word “pitch” was mentioned, I thought it might be a reference to the old paintball games, which I had never heard of.But then I remembered I was in Los Angeles, and I was a big fan of the NBA.And I started toRead More

When you paintball, it’s all about the fun

When you’re paintingballing in the middle of nowhere, you’ve got to be ready to tackle whatever’s thrown at you.It’s not about the paintballs, it is all about what you have to put up with and how you manage it. So how do you do it?What’s the difference between paintball and paintballing?Well, first off, paintballers are allowedRead More

When is paintball legal in Minnesota?

Posted by Mike Purdy in Minnesota,Minnesota,USA Tags nitro,paintsball,gun,possession article It’s a topic I know all too well.My son has a paintball gun in his basement, and he uses it regularly.It’s been used successfully to shoot and kill a lot of wildlife in Minnesota.As far as I know, Minnesota is the first state in the nationRead More

How to play paintball at Chesapeake

By Kate Durden/Time | September 23, 2018 09:30:10How do you find a paintball park?There are thousands of them in the United States, but only about half of them have a dedicated paintball facility, according to the Paintball Sports League.And that’s because most paintball parks are set up as open to the public, so they’re easyRead More

How to use Jungle Island paintball goggles

The jungle island paintballs are just a few days away from launching, but it might take longer than you thought.According to a tweet by a Reddit user, the goggles will be available in late December.Here’s how to get your hands on them.First, go to the official Jungle Island Paintball page. Second, click on the “About Us”Read More

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